Download Free QuickTime Codecs, Content Packs for Final Cut Pro X and Motion 5

Apple has launched a software update for users of OS X 10.5.6 or later and QuickTime 7.6 or later to add a range of video codecs for use by QuickTime-based applications. A package containing audio content for the newly released Final Cut Pro X is also available.

Supported in English, German, French, and Chinese, “This update adds the following video codecs for use by QuickTime-based applications,” Apple says.

The codecs enumerated by the Cupertino company are: “Apple Intermediate Codec; Apple ProRes; AVC-Intra; DVCPRO HD; HDV; XDCAM HD / EX / HD422; MPEG IMX; Uncompressed 4:2:2.

Download ProApps QuickTime Codecs (Free)

Apple also released Final Cut Pro X Content, a freely-downloadable 637.5 MB package that contains over 1300 rights-free sound effects that go right into the Audio Browser of Final Cut Pro X, as well as some additional preset effects for the Space Designer plug-in.

The update is recommended for all users of Final Cut Pro X, Apple says.

Download Final Cut Pro X Content (Free)

Steve Jobs & Co. also rolled out Motion 5 Content, a package that adds the following content for use in the new sidekick app:

Motion Templates: A variety of professionally-designed, customizable templates.

Motion Library Content: Animated vector graphics, backgrounds, template media, sample Motion projects, and royalty-free still images.

Motion Sample Media: Clips and images for use with Motion Help examples and tutorials.

As with Final Cut Pro X Content, the Motion update is recommended for all users of Motion 5.

Download Motion 5 Content (Free)

Final Cut Pro X was just released today. It is said to completely reinvent video editing with a Magnetic Timeline that lets producers edit on a flexible, trackless canvas; a Content Auto-Analysis tool that categorizes content upon import by shot type, media and people; and background rendering.

Those who work in post production are already thrilled by the new release. Apple includes in its official announcement a quote from Angus Wall, Academy Award-winning film editor, who said:

“I’m blown away by what Apple has done with Final Cut Pro. Final Cut Pro X is incredibly modern and fast, but most importantly it lets you focus on telling your story in the most creative way, while it actively manages all of the technical details.”

Download Final Cut Pro X

Download Compressor 4

Download Motion 5

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