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From Microsoft

Even with the next iteration of the Office client now less than half a year away, Microsoft continues to provide customers with the possibility to test-drive Office 2007. A trail version of Office Enterprise 2007 is currently up for grabs via the Microsoft Download Center. According to the Redmond company, the free copy of Office 2007 is addressed at an audience of developers and IT professionals. In fact, the software giant underlines that while all users will be able to download the free edition of Office 2007, only devs and IT pros can get product keys to activate the trial version of the productivity suite.

“This Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007 software evaluation program is appropriate for Developers and IT Professionals. In order to take advantage of this Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007 evaluation program, you will need to first register to obtain a trial product key. To obtain a product key visit the following sites: Developers or IT Professionals. The trial period for this product is 60 days. The Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007 Trial Version was updated in January 2010,” Microsoft stated.

Essentially, the January 2010 Office Enterprise 2007 release is the same as past versions of the Office 2007 System, with one important difference. In December 2009, Microsoft was presented with a sales injunction for Word 2007 and Office 2007 products which contained a particular custom XML tagging implementation. The custom XML technology is patented by Toronto-based i4i, which sued Microsoft alleging patent infringement. The court sided with i4i, and not only found in its favor in the autumn of 2009, but also denied Microsoft an appeal the company filed subsequently.

As a direct consequence, Microsoft modified the Office Enterprise 2007 trial version offered as a free download to cut out the infringing custom XML technology. Customers that want to evaluate the Office System and explore the possibility of an upgrade should be aware that Office 2010 Beta Build 14.0.4536.1000 downloads continue to be available from the Redmond company.

Office Enterprise 2007 Trial Version is available for download here.

Office 2010 Beta 14.0.4536.1000 is available for download here

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