Download Free Microsoft Office Accounting Express 2007

Microsoft lends a helping hand to small businesses

Office Accounting Express 2007 is a 208.2 MB free download from Microsoft. According to the Redmond Company, the product is designed to integrate seamlessly with both Windows XP and Windows Vista while delivering a helping hand with the management associated with a small business.

"Office Accounting Express 2007 is the ideal accounting solution for new or existing home office-based small businesses. Office Accounting Express 2007 helps small business owners and bookkeepers save time on everyday tasks, work the way they want, and grow their business through online sales, online invoicing, and payment processes. And Office Accounting Express 2007 comes with the familiar look and feel of the Microsoft Office system," revealed Microsoft.

Additional assistance for small businesses can be accessed via a Microsoft Office Live Webinar Series. The Redmond Company informed that in excess of 500,000 small businesses are closing their doors each year. In order to try and prevent this, Microsoft has set up Office Live Web Seminars aiming to bridge business leaders with small-business owners and entrepreneurs.

- Feb. 8 - Bob Kaden, author of "Guerrilla Marketing Research," will share how to optimize marketing research so it is both action-oriented and economical.

- Feb. 15 - Jeff Thull, a leading-edge strategist for major companies worldwide, will provide advice on maintaining control of the buying process.

- Feb. 21 - Jim Kouzes, co-author of "The Leadership Challenge," will help listeners discover how to be a better leader.

- Feb. 28 - Leonard Fuld, a pioneer in business intelligence, will reveal what businesses should know about competitive intelligence.

The Redmond Company added that it plans to make additional speakers available every month for similar web seminaries. You can sign-up for the Microsoft Office Live Webinar Series here.

Microsoft Office Accounting Express 2007 is available for download via this link.

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