Download Floola 4.9 iPod File Manager (Free)

The latest version adds a cool new playback option

Floola is a free application designed to manage your iPod and / or cell phone efficiently, supporting common used iPod features including artwork, podcasts and smart playlists. The app works on any Windows (98 and above), any Mac, and any Linux distribution with GTK installed. It's portable, so you can put the application on your iPod and launch it on any computer, whenever you want.

Recently updated to version 4.9, Floola adds a new option that allows considering a track as played when 50% of it was listened. The update also fixes an issue where playback settings were not saved. Another fix now makes the player resume playback position when necessary. Artwork was not saved to files when selected to do so in preferences, according to the app's makers. Floola 4.9 fixes this issue as well. Lastly, an issue when changing main listbox columns visibility has also been resolved.

As long as your device supports Apple's iTunes, you can use Floola to manage the content of your iPhone or Motorola phone with ease. The standalone application needs no installation, and can be run directly from your iPod under Mac OS X, Linux, and Windows. Even Windows Vista is supported.

Basically, you can copy almost any file to it! Best of all, by just entering the page URL, Floola can add YouTube or MySpace content to your device. The app also works as a duplicate finder. If you have any duplicate songs, Floola can find them for you! Floola is also able to convert audio or video incompatible with the iPod and it even makes it possible to keep your Google calendars in sync.

Other cool features include: lyric support (even on older iPods); search for duplicates or lost files; add artwork to your songs easily; add videos; add photos; convert audio and video incompatible formats; export to HTML; fix a failed software update; manage notes; growl support.

Download Floola (Free)

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