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Mozilla is boasting amazing memory improvements for this release

Firefox 7 has been wrapped up and is now available for download to end users, some six weeks after downloads of Firefox 6, its predecessor, were given green light.

As it was the case with Firefox 6, Mozilla has yet to announce the availability of Firefox 7 officially.

However, the new release of the open source browser is already up for grab via the company’s FTP servers, even though, at the time of this article, Mozilla was continuing to offer Firefox 6 as the last stable release.

Softpedia readers might remember that I told them about Firefox 6 Final downloads on August 13, 2011, and that the official launch followed a few days later.

This is bound to also happen with Firefox 7, with Mozilla holding out from revealing that the browser version graduated from the Beta to the Release Channel.

Just five days ago, early adopters testing Firefox 7 received the last Beta Build, the equivalent of the Release Candidate (RC). In this regard, testers that played with Firefox 7 RC will not be able to notice any major changes in the final release that is now up for grabs.

Since there’s no official announcement of Firefox 7’s launch, the release notes have also yet to be updated.

But the most important change that Firefox 7 brings to the table is related to memory usage. Mozilla is boasting consistent memory improvements for Firefox 7, claiming that it’s leaving rival browsers in the dust.

“Among [the] Firefox 7 changes are some amazing memory improvements. When this makes it to users in just under 6 weeks, Mozilla will re-take the memory efficiency crown and give our users the highly responsive Firefox they deserve,” a Mozilla representative said last week.

Since Firefox 7 Final is here, early adopters will soon get to test Firefox 8 Beta and Firefox 9 Aurora, this while Mozilla starts work on Firefox 10 Nightly.

Firefox 7 Final and Firefox 6 for Windows are available for download here.

Firefox 7 Final and Firefox 6 for Linux are available for download here.

Firefox 7 Final and Firefox 6 for Mac are available for download here.


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