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Prepare for Firefox 3.6 and 3.0.14

The guys over at Mozilla have performed a series of updates to their popular web browser, Firefox. While reported to have turned the older 3.5.1 and 3.0.12 versions to 3.5.2 beta and 3.0.13 beta only a few days ago, the two variants of the application are actually available for download in the final form, sporting a series of security improvements and fixes. At the same time, the new flavors mark the path towards the future releases of Firefox, which shouldn't be that far into the future.

The release notes of Firefox 3.5.2 show that it comes with several security issues, and that images with ICC profiles now render properly on all monitors, basically the same changes that the supposed 3.5.2 beta iteration of the application brought. As for the security issues that have been taken care of, we can count fixes for heap overflow in certificate regexp parsing, compromise of SSL-protected communication, data corruption with SOCKS5 reply containing DNS name longer than 15 characters or chrome privilege escalation due to incorrectly cached wrapper.

Other changes that the new Firefox flavor comes with include some fixes for crashes with evidence of memory corruption and location bar and SSL indicator spoofing via on invalid URL. Firefox 3.5.2 was already expected to drop on Monday, as Mozilla is working at the same time on the development of Firefox 3.6, which was expected to be released as an Alpha 1 version at the end of last week. Codenamed Namoroka, Firefox 3.6 should become available in the near future and it is based on the Gecko engine, which should reach version 1.9.2.

As for Firefox 3.0.13, it has been released mainly to fix a series of security issues present with the previously available 3.0.12 flavor. The fixes that come with it are similar to those in 3.5.2, including those for location bar and SSL indicator spoofing via on invalid URL, heap overflow in certificate regexp parsing and compromise of SSL-protected communication. A series of issues are still present with the application, yet Firefox 3.0.14, which is expected to drop around September 2, should come with more improvements.

Download Firefox 3.5.2 / 3.0.13 Final for Windows

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Download Firefox 3.0.13 Final for Linux

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