Download Ensoul - Design Stunning Wallpapers for Your iOS Device

Ensoul, described as “the app that gives your iPhone a little soul,” has been released in the Mac App Store. Created by MacPaw (the company that sells the popular CleanMyMac utility), Ensoul brings more personality to your iPhone's Home Screen and Address Book.

MacPaw designed Ensoul so that it makes it a breeze to create full-sized Contact Photos and great looking Wallpapers.

Users simply drag images into Ensoul or select them from their Media Library for editing.

Various editing tools let users crop, zoom, rotate, modify colors, add textures, as well as effects.

When finished, the user can simply upload their image creations to their iPhone using iTunes.

The key features of Ensoul, as listed by MacPaw on the Mac App Store, include:


- Create wallpapers and contact photos in an easy, fun, and intuitive manner

- Easily adjust image colors and apply filters

- Create full-sized contact photos

- Nondestructive image editing

- Preview your images to see how they’ll look on your iPhone screen

- In only second, assign photos for all your Address Book entries

- Create images optimized for the iPhone screen

- Use familiar multitouch gestures to zoom, rotate and move images

- Transfer edited photos to your iPhone using iTunes

- Drag’n’drop images to and from Ensoul

- Easily share images with friends and family

- Gorgeous, intuitive Mac OS-styled user interface

- Fully supports iPhone 4

"We think its time iPhone users have the ability to give their favorite smartphone a little soul, and that's exactly what Ensoul provides" said MacPaw founder and CEO, Oleksandr Kosovan.

"Ensoul lets users customize their iPhone experience in an easy and fun manner, while at the same time carrying on the tradition of intuitive, easy-to-use functionality that Mac and iPhone users not only demand, but expect," added Kosovan.

Ensoul 1.0 requires an Intel based Mac running OS X 10.6.6 or later, and around 10MB of hard disk space.

The app costs $9.99 (USD) to download and use and is exclusively available from Apple's Mac App Store.

Unfortunately for those who like to try-before-they-buy, Apple’s Mac App Store does not currently offer demos or trial versions of any apps.

Download Ensoul for Mac ($9.99)

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