Download Dropbox 2.0 iOS – An Elegant Update to an Even More Elegant Service

Fresh user interface with subtle gradients, less text, and more photo-centric services

Popular cloud service Dropbox is introducing version 2.0 of its iOS client which delivers a fresh new look, an enhanced file uploading experience, and special photo-centric additions that make it a pleasure to use on your iPhone or iPad.

The first thing that strikes you in Dropbox 2.0 is the brand new Photos tab that lets you scroll through a timeline of all the photos you’ve automatically uploaded, with the ability to see each one in full-screen with a simple tap on a handy button at the top right of the UI.

According to the developers, “This means you can get maximum real estate when you’re flipping through puppy photos, or those pics of your bare feet.”

You’ll also notice that scrolling is much faster in version 2.0, something that will help users with thousands of photos to quickly navigate “all the way back to time immemorial (or your earliest photos) in seconds.”

Uploading files from your iOS device is much easier now with the simple “+” button which asks you whether you want to upload something in the current location, or to create a folder.

The cloud application also does away with the text beneath the service tabs. While this will take some getting used to for newcomers, existing users will probably welcome the change with their arms wide open.

“Splashed across the app is the glorious Dropbox blue you’ve come to know and love, and we’ve reduced complexity to make everything feel so fresh and so clean, clean,” the team behind Dropbox adds.

All in all, the new Dropbox overhaul is indeed one of the best updates ever churned out by its developers.

Subtle changes like the super-faded gradients are much in line with Apple’s own ideology, making Dropbox seem like an extension of iOS itself. Also take note of the new icon, which complements any iPhone and iPad home screen.

In fact, the Dropbox crew says, “Between us, your home screen looks kinda empty without this gem, and we think you should go grab it now.”

Well, what are you waiting for?

Download Dropbox iOS (Free)

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