Download Dolphin Browser 9.1 and Dolphin Jetpack 1.0.3 for Android

Both optimized to offer a great experience when used together

By on December 20th, 2012 17:11 GMT

Today, the Dolphin Browser team announced the availability of a new flavor of their Android browser, coupled with an updated version of the Dolphin Jetpack.

The new browser release, namely version 9.1, arrives with faster launching speeds and improved page loading times, as well as with better compatibility with the Jetpack. 

It also brings Tab and Address Bar optimizations for Android tablet PCs, along with stability and performance improvements, and shows all sites in the favicon.

As for the new flavor of the Dolphin Jetpack (1.0.3), it was optimized for the Dolphin Browser 9.1. According to the development team, users should update both apps to enjoy the benefits they have to offer together.

Dolphin Browser 9.1 can be found on this page, while the Dolphin Jetpack 1.0.3 for Android is available via this link.