Download CrossOver 12.1.0 OS X – Major Leg Up in Gaming

Games should now run better in full screen mode, says CodeWeavers

CodeWeavers has released a new version of CrossOver for Mac dealing a blow to all the nasty bugs reported by users since the debut of version 12 a while back.

“I am delighted to announce that CodeWeavers has just released CrossOver 12.1 for both Mac OS X and Linux,” says CodeWeavers’ Josh Dubois. “We have made many substantial improvements between this release and 12.0.0.”

Gamers in particular will get a much needed improvement when they update to the new CrossOver 12.1.0, according to Dubois writing on the company’s forums.

Many games should run a lot better in full-screen mode after updating to version 12.1.0, according to him.

Users of OS X 10.6.8 Snow Leopard who may have incurred issues with automatic updates should see those problems resolved, says Dubois.

The update further adds a preference setting which allows the user to tell CrossOver what to do with an unknown Windows.exe file when it’s launched.

“Using this preference, the user can tell CrossOver either to treat the unknown .exe file as an application installer, or to simply run it,” the CodeWeavers staffer explains.

CrossOver will now auto-update CrossTie files if you’ve allowed auto updates of CrossOver itself via Sparkle. A bug where automatic updates would fail on Snow Leopard has been fixed.

Also, a bug which prevented some users from logging into World of Tanks servers has been addressed.

Last but not least, CodeWeavers’ software engineers were able to correct an error which caused some users to have to remove duplicate license files in order to keep CrossOver running.

As a final note to our readers, if CrossOver 12.1 asks for your registration credentials again, don’t panic and just use the same email and password which you used to buy your original copy of CrossOver.

Download CrossOver for Mac (Free)

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