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Based on CentOS 5.5

Michael Proper from the ClearFoundation announced yesterday evening, July 21st, the immediate availability of the ClearOS Enterprise 5.2 operating system. Being based on CentOS 5.5, the new release adds some important features regarding security and overall performance, as well as various improvements and fixes. ClearOS 5.2 is a network & gateway solution, a Linux server based on the open source CentOS distribution, which is based on the Red Hat Enterprise Linux mammoth.

"Thank you to our great development team at ClearFoundation and the many contributions and suggestions from the ClearFoundation community. With each release we improve the over-all feature base and performance of ClearOS, the leading open source Linux server, network and gateway solution for small business and distributed environments." said Michael Proper in the official release announcement.

Highlights of ClearOS Enterprise 5.2:

· Based on CentOS 5.5 operating system;

· In order to improve security a password policy engine module was added;

· In order to improve utilization, comprehensive disk usage reporting module was added;

· In order to easily detect bandwidth challenges, a network traffic analyzer module was added;

· In order to create advanced iptables rules, a custom firewall module was added;

· VoIP systems received H.323 support;

· Better support for Zarafa and Google Apps in LDAP Directory.

Also, don't forget to check the official release notes for upgrade information!

About ClearOS

The ClearOS Enterprise operating system was previously known as ClarkConnect, and it is a network and gateway server solution created especially for distributed environments and for small businesses. ClearOS is based on the CentOS Linux distribution, which in turn is based on the amazing Red Hat Enterprise Linux. The ClearOS Linux distribution includes an generous list of integrated services and features, which are easy to configure and administer via an ingenious web-based interface. ClearOS Enterprise provides useful modules like VPN, antispam, antivirus, content filtering, SSL certification, web log analyzer or bandwidth management. ClearOS is open source, it is free to download and upgrade, and it is supported with free security updates for 18 months.

Download ClearOS 5.2 right now from Softpedia.

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