Download CameraPro for Windows Phone 8

The application has to offer a great deal of appealing features

CameraPro is one of the most appealing applications that the owners of Symbian devices have had the chance to enjoy, and it is now available for download for Windows Phone 8 handsets as well.

The app can be found in the Windows Phone Store via this link, up for grabs as version and with a price tag of $2.49 attached to it.

Symbian users who transitioned to Nokia’s Lumia handsets and have had the chance to play with the app before are certainly familiar with what it has to offer.

For those who didn’t use CameraPro before, we should note that it comes with great camera features, while featuring an easy to use interface.

“Access to features such as focus distance, white balance, exposure time, and many others give you the tools to make outstanding photographs,” the app’s description reads.

Not only does the mobile software provide users with fast access to various camera features on their devices, but it also comes with a variety of features that will help them shoot great photographs while on the go.

Some of the main capabilities of the app (all depending on the device) include:

- Support for manual focus distances

- Auto-, Macro-, Touch focus

- Manual exposure times

- Exposure locking

- ISO up to 3200

- Enable disable focus assistant light

- Disable shutter sound

- Front and back camera support

The app also enables users to choose custom image filenames, while providing them with overlays such as virtual horizon/level meter, compass, and grid.

Among the camera modes that are available for users through this application, we can count normal, timer, burst, time-lapse, anti-shake, and bracketing.

CameraPro also sports Windows Phone 8 Lens integration, while offering the possibility to easily share photos on social networking destinations, including Facebook, Flickr, Picasa, and Twitter, all from within the application.


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