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The new app does not require the removal of the beta version

Research In Motion (RIM) launched a new version of its applications store, BlackBerry App World, last week. However, for unknown reasons the Canadian company did not roll out the updated application in all regions.

BlackBerry App World was only available for manual download and required BlackBerry users to remove the beta version installed on their smartphones.

The folks over at CrackBerry report that the latest version of BlackBerry App World is now live again and doesn't require the removal of the previous beta version of the application.

With the latest iteration of BlackBerry App World, users will be able to take advantage of several new abilities, which are listed below:

“- Ability to Permanently Delete Apps from My World - Users are able to permanently delete apps from My World

- Ability to Re-Install All Apps From My World - Users will have the ability to re-install all apps from My World

- Automatic Find in My World - Automatic Find will allow users to search and find apps more easily in My World.”

In addition, the App World application now features integration with BlackBerry Commerce Payment Services for Credit Card and PayPal purchases.

For those unfamiliar with BlackBerry Commerce, this is a payment service which manages all credit card and PayPal purchases and transactions made on BlackBerry App World 4.0.

NFC Tag integration has been added as well, which will enable users to swap applications lists. SMS authentication is another new feature included in the latest version of BlackBerry App World. This will allow carrier billing to function for certain carriers that switch from WAP to SMS.

Last but not least, users will now have the ability to remove ringtones when he/she receives a gift/beg. BlackBerry App World is now available as a free download via App World and it should be fully compatible with all devices running BlackBerry OS 4.2 and up.

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