Download BOLT 1.5 Browser for BlackBerry and Java

With significant speed enhancements and new features

Bitstream has just released a new version of its high performance BOLT web browser for handsets running under Research In Motion's BlackBerry operating system or under Java. While until not long ago, the software solution has been available only in a beta flavor, users can now enjoy a much improved final version, BOLT 1.5.

What the new flavor of BOLT comes around with includes a Download Manager (requires JSR75 support on the device), Support for Streaming Videos of any length, ensuring that the videos can be played on any device, regardless the length of the clip, or Cache Support, which enables users to switch rapidly between pages that have been previously viewed.

Other enhancements the fresh BOLT version comes with include:

- Video Wizard to assist users in configuring their device for optimal video playback.

- Dedicated Search Bar on home page, for easier and faster online searches.

- Improved Ability to Manage RSS Feeds by allowing users to arrange and file feeds just as they do with their favorites and bookmarks.

- Enhancements for Touch Screen Devices such as simple volume controls for the BOLT media player which now offers volume controls on the screen.

A series of improvements have been made to the BOLT Servers in the cloud, the software company stated, a move that should increase the speed of the browser by 10 to 20 percent. Users will also benefit from enhanced copy-paste support when it comes to the smartphones running under the BlackBerry platform, as well as one-click access on Home Page that ensures the cursor jumps to the desired widget.

According to its maker, more than 2 million users around the world already downloaded the BOLT mobile browser on their handsets. Also, the company states that the software solution delivered more than 200 million web pages until now, with many more to come in the future. And since there is a wide range of improvements available with the new version, one should expect the number of those pages to increase significantly.

The latest version of the BOLT mobile browser is available for download via this link.

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