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Avira AntiVir Personal 10 is available free of charge

Version 10 of Avira AntiVir is currently available for download, and users will be able to access the download links at the bottom of this article. The promise from the German AV company is that the latest iteration of its security solutions brings to the table malware-protection enhancements, as well as improved manageability options, new security features, and a redesigned graphical user interface. At this point in time, users can grab the free flavor of the offerings Avira AntiVir Personal, but also Avira AntiVir Professional, and Avira Premium Security Suite.

“Many users waited for Avira AntiVir ProActiv, our behavioral blocking component. It monitors the program activity on the computer and as soon as suspicious behavior gets detected, blocks the program from running. Also, in case the malware is yet unknown, the user can take part in the Avira Community and send the sample to the Avira Malware Researchers for an in-depth analysis. This way, every user of Avira AntiVir Premium and Avira Premium Security Suite can help making the Internet a safer place as detection for this malware gets added to all Avira products,” Dirk Knop, Avira technical editor, revealed.

The latest version of Avira AntiVir brings to the table new “generic repair” capabilities. According to the security outfit, the antivirus not only removes malicious code from infected machines, but also works to repair the damage done by the malware or its deletion. Avira AntiVir 10 is capable of cleaning both the registry and the filesystem from any remnants of malware. In this regard, “generic repair” is designed to make sure that a cleaned system will continue to work under normal parameters.

“The management has been simplified. The overhauled GUI gives an overview of the current state of the software at a glance. Installation can be done with 3 clicks. Also in case malware is found on the system, the user doesn’t have to choose from several options about what to do now, but gets a single proposal which can be accepted with a single click,” Knop added.

The focus on Parental Control continues to grow as parents become aware of the increasing need to monitor and control children’s usage of the computer. With Avira AntiVir 10, this control was extended to Internet use, allowing parents to restrict usage to only certain periods of time. “Of course, in Avira AntiVir Professional we now added the possibility to install a firewall and Avira AntiVir ProActiv. This has been requested by many business users – and we have been listening,” Knop concluded.

Avira AntiVir Personal - Free Antivirus 10 is available for download here.

Avira Premium Security Suite is available for download here.

Avira AntiVir Professional 10 is available for download here.


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