Download AVG AntiVirus for Mac

It uses AVG's Resident Shield technology to run quietly in the background

Security company AVG Technologies N.V. today released AVG AntiVirus for Mac “to help protect MacBook, iMac and Mac Pro users running OS X Mavericks (10.9) and Mountain Lion (10.8) from malware,” according to the announcement.

A timely press release from AVG reveals that its AntiVirus for Mac software is built on the same powerful security engine that protects Windows users. Once installed, it works to “detect and remove viruses and spyware that could infect your Mac or be passed on to your PC or mobile devices.”

David Ferguson, general manager of the Consumer & Mobile division at AVG Technologies, says, “It's a popular belief that Mac computers are invincible. But they never were - it's just been a matter of OS X not reaching the popularity that Windows historically had,” he says.

“Thanks to the advent of iPhones and the iPad, the Mac platform has scaled exponentially, and that fact alone makes it a viable target for attackers. We've extended our award-winning AntiVirus product range to cover OS X and Mountain Lion because our customers are our priority and we aim to protect them, whatever device or system they choose to use,” Ferguson adds.

Free AVG AntiVirus for Mac comes with Resident Shield technology, which enables the app to run quietly and scan files in the background.

The solution scans not only for Mac malware, but also threats that may be passed onto Windows and Android devices.

“Users can feel safer knowing that their Mac is protected and that they don't transfer malware to their other devices or share them with friends or co-workers,” says AVG.

Users can either drag and drop individual files or folders and scan them, or run a thorough scan of the entire computer.

Free AVG AntiVirus for Mac gets automatic updates, so you can concentrate on your work, not on updating its virus definitions with manual downloads.

“To stay ahead of the growing number of Mac threats, AVG is constantly innovating and evolving the detection methods. Updates to AVG's virus database get pushed to users automatically, so their Mac protection is always up-to-date,” AVG adds.

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