Download ATI Catalyst Suite 9.4 with New Overdrive Utility

Enables better overclocking for Radeon graphics cards

After having released its highly anticipated Radeon HD 4890 graphics card, Sunnyvale, California-based Advanced Micro Devices rolled out today a new version of its ATI Catalyst driver suite. The new release has been designed to provide users with a number of performance increases, remove some of the known issues for the company's graphics cards under different operating systems, and introduce a new feature. According to the release notes of the latest Catalyst driver suite, users of Radeon HD 4000 Series graphics cards will be able to take advantage of an enhanced overclocking utility.

One of the main features that have been enabled by AMD's latest Catalyst drivers is the introduction of a new ATI Overdrive, an overclocking utility that is integrated in the Catalyst application and allows users to tweak and boost the performance of their Radeon graphics accelerators. The new ATI Overdrive auto-tune application is designed to accurately determine the best overclocked engine and memory values for the supported Radeon Graphics cards. More specifically, the new Overdrive is designed for ATI Radeon HD 4000 Series graphics cards and will enable gaming and computer enthusiasts to better tune their cards for more performance.

In addition to the new Overdrive application, AMD's latest Catalyst suite of graphics drivers will provide users with fixes to a number of known issues for Microsoft's Windows Vista, Windows 7 and the aging Windows XP. Upgrading to the latest driver release will provide the user with a more stable computing environment and a boost in performance, granted their system is based on AMD's latest Radeon graphics cards.

The new Catalyst Software Suite 9.4 includes the Radeon display driver 8.60, HydraVision for both Windows XP and Vista, HydraVision Basic Edition, WDM driver install bundle, Southbridge/IXP driver and the new Catalyst Control Center Version 8.60. In addition, the new release offers support for Microsoft's upcoming operating system, Windows 7, a feature that will come as a standard for all future installments of AMD's Catalyst drivers.

Catalyst Software Suite 9.4 for Windows XP 32-bit

Catalyst Software Suite 9.4 for Windows XP 64-bit

Catalyst Software Suite 9.4 for Windows Vista and Windows 7 32-bit

Catalyst Software Suite 9.4 for Windows Vista and Windows 7 64-bit

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