[UPDATED]Download AMD Catalyst Display Driver 11.10 Preview 3

Should improve performance in Battlefield 3 and maybe Rage too

Advanced Micro Devices already released a couple of previews of its upcoming driver, but this didn't stop it from launching a third one, the Catalyst Display Driver 11.10 Preview 3 as it were.

The new driver package from the Sunnyvale, California-based company probably enables some performance upgrades and visual fixes and refinements in several games.

Unfortunately, beyond minor speculation, as well as a reasonable likelihood of Battlefield 3 benefiting in terms of frame rates, no one can tell for sure what the driver is supposed to do.

The reason for this is how AMD did not actually provide the release notes, so everything is speculation at this point.

As the name of the package suggests, this is the third 11.10 preview driver that Advanced Micro Devices brought forward.

The first one was delivered about a couple of weeks ago and represented AMD's attempts to hastily give a fix for the problems in id Software's Rage shooter.

Then came the AMD Catalyst 11.10 Preview Driver Beta 2, which enabled some further fixes and enhancements.

Intermittent crashing during Rage level load was addressed, NPC flickering at range was supposedly resolved and automatic Vsync was enabled as well.

Nevertheless, not all graphics glitches were repaired, which means that the Sunnyvale, California-based corporation has some work to do still.

Of course, there is the possibility that this latest preview will finally make all problems go away, but the bigger possibility is that this dream will be fulfilled only when the complete Catalyst Display Driver 11.10 is released.

Two versions of the Preview 3 exist, for Windows XP and Windows Vista / 7, respectively. Follow one of the links below to get the appropriate version. We'll update this article as soon as the release notes show up.

AMD Catalyst Display Driver 11.10 Preview 3 for XP

AMD Catalyst Display Driver 11.10 Preview 3 for Vista/Windows 7

UPDATE: AMD finally published the change log and it looks like there are lots of fixes to Rage and Battlefield 3 graphics glitches and Battlefield 3 performance, CrossFireX or otherwise. Check the above links again for the full details.

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