Download AMD Catalyst 11.5 Graphics Driver Hotfix

As with previous versions of the AMD graphics driver, this newest package failed to address all possible hardware errors one might receive upon installation, so a hotfix was provided.

Since it seems to be that time of the month, Advanced Micro Devices delivered its newest graphics driver.

Known as Catalyst 11.5, the software supports Radeon and FireStream series adapters and includes both the driver itself and the Catalyst Control Center.

Those that want to download it need only drop by this article, where we covered it in detail and provided the necessary download links.

Unfortunately, as is not unheard of for this sort of drivers, there are some issues consumers may encounter.

In this case, the driver may not be possible to install on a select number of AGP video controllers from the AMD Radeon HD 4xxx, 3xxx and 2xxx series.

Needless to say, this can become rather frustrating, so the Sunnyvale, California-based outfit made sure to offer a solution.

Granted, it was unable to include it in the main data package itself, so it settled for handing it out in the form of a hotfix.

As was the case with the driver itself, four versions of the hotfix exist, for each of the operating systems supported.

To be more specific, there is a version for Windows XP, one for XP 64bit, one for Vista/7 and one for Vista/7 64bit.

Consumers that find themselves faced with either of the unfortunate situations mentioned above need only follow one of the appropriate links below.

Finally, users can also get support for the latest ATI TI CrossFireX profiles for several games (Portal 2, Home Front, The Next Big thing and Red Faction: Armageddon).

AMD Catalyst Hotfix 11.5 for XP

AMD Catalyst Hotfix 11.5 for XP64

AMD Catalyst Hotfix 11.5 for Vista, Win7

AMD Catalyst Hotfix 11.5 for Vista64, Win7 x64

ATI Catalyst Application Profiles 11.4 CAP2 description

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