Download AMD Catalyst 11.2 Graphics Driver

AMD periodically updates its video software, fixing issues and implementing features that enhance performance and image quality, and it seems that the outfit just released its newest version of the Catalyst graphics driver.

The newest release of the Catalyst graphics driver features several elements, including updates, performance improvements and fixes.

As far as error corrections go, the company resolved some problems under both Windows 7 and Windows XP, such as texture corruption while running benchmarks, lag during playback of 720p WMV files, flickering and intermittent corruption at the bottom of cloned displays when running DirectX 9.0 games, among other things.

Performance-wise, as far as games go, two titles should be able to reach higher frame rates after the suite's installation.

They are Call of Dury: Black ops (11% faster in Radeon HD 5000 cards) and Batman Arkham Asylum (4% on HD 5000 cards).

The real highlights, however, are the new features added by the 11.2 driver, namely AI Texture Filtering, Tessellation Controls and Morphological Anti-Aliasing support for the ATI Radeon HD 5000 Series.

Catalyst AI Texture Filtering basically improves filtering performance without visibly affecting image quality and there is also a new, smoother filtering option that eliminates shimmering while preserving the enhanced detail granted by anisotropic filtering.

Tessellation controls will give owners of HD 5000 and 6000 cards full controls over the tessellation levels used in applications.

Another asset of the new driver release is the addition of video quality settings during Blu-ray 3D playback (can be enabled within the Catalyst Control Center). Of course, in this case, users will need to have the necessary 3D display, 3D stereoscopic glasses and Blu-ray 3D software.

End-users wishing to acquire the AMD Catalyst 11.2 Driver release need only choose one of the links below.

AMD Catalyst Display Driver Suite 11.2 for XP

AMD Catalyst Display Driver Suite 11.2 for XP64

AMD Catalyst Display Driver Suite 11.2 for Vista/Win7

AMD Catalyst Display Driver Suite 11.2 for Vista64/Win7 x64

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