Dotcom Loses Domain, "Hacker" with Personal Vendetta Gets Ahold of It

It's strange how someone could get control of hours after Dotcom lost it

Kim Dotcom isn't doing so bad, for a man that's about to be extradited out of his adoptive country, but the US government is not one you mess with lightly. A short while ago, Dotcom had announced that his upcoming file sharing service, Mega, had gotten a very special domain name,

Well, surprise, surprise, that's no longer the case. Gabon, the African country which operates the .ga ccTLD, has suddenly realized that it doesn't want to support illegal activities run by "unscrupulous" people.

The link to the US government is rather obvious. In fact, the link to the media industry is obvious as pointed out by Dotcom himself, Gabon Telecom, which operates the .ga TLD, is owned by Vivendi Universal.

But it gets even more interesting, while Dotcom doesn't control the domain, it's not going unused, one group labeling themselves the real "pirates" and "hackers" are now using it to redirect to a brand new Twitter feed for "Omega."

The account is @O, just one letter. To say that it's a highly coveted username is an understatement. While tweets from the account have only now started, the name must have been registered well in advance.

It gets better, a cached version of the Twitter page shows only one tweet, a retweet of Dotcom's announcement of the domain last week. 

It's rather obvious that whoever controls the domain now knows Dotcom personally or has some connection and all this talk of "pirates" is smoke and mirrors.

The "group" also controls the domain. They don't seem all too pleased with Dotcom, which they think is just as bad as Universal. But even if he's just as bad, they would actually sell to Universal for a significant sum.

If the Gabon government is so concerned about pirates, how is it that pirates were able to get ahold of the domain hours after it was snatched from Dotcom?

Just how far removed are these "hackers" from the Gabon government or from Gabon Telecom for that matter, or from Dotcom himself?

Petty personal vendettas aside, Mega is still going ahead and it's got another domain lined up. If anything, the move serves to further propel Dotcom as some kind of martyr, which he definitely is not. Still, it remains to be seen to what lengths the media industry, through the US government, will go to stop a site that hasn't even launched yet.


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