Dorian Nakamoto Makes Formal Statement, Denies Creating Bitcoin

That his name is the same as the Bitcoin's developer doesn't mean anything

The identity of Satoshi Nakamoto, the developer that invented Bitcoin, has been a mystery for years. Many have wondered who was behind the moniker, whether it was a single person or a group.

Just recently, Newsweek exposed the alleged identity of the Bitcoin creator, conveniently named Dorian Prentice Satoshi Nakamoto, a 64-year-old Japanese-American.

He’s denied the issue on several occasions already, discussing this with various news outlets. Newsweek, for its part, is sticking with its story, appointing the man as the elusive Bitcoin creator.

Nakamoto has taken the matter into his own hands today and has released an official statement denying any connection to the cryptocurrency that so many love so much.

“I did not create, invent or otherwise work on Bitcoin. I unconditionally deny the Newsweek report,” the statement reads.

Not only does he distance himself from the cryptocurrency, but he also says that he hadn’t heard of the term until about a month ago. “After being contacted by a reporter, my son called me and used the word [Bitcoin] which I had never before heard,” he said.

Nakamoto explains that the reporter later confronted him at his home, which prompted him to call the police.

“My background is in engineering. I also have the ability to program. My most recent job was as an electrical engineer troubleshooting air traffic control equipment for the FAA. I have no knowledge of nor have I ever worked on cryptography, peer to peer systems, or alternative currencies,” Nakamoto’s statement reads.

The man further explains that he’s been having issues getting a job for the past decade and Newsweek’s report has done nothing to help him in this matter. Moreover, it has caused his family a lot of stress.

Nakamoto has now retained legal counsel and will no longer make any public statements on the matter, asking everyone to respect his family’s privacy.

Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency, has been around for a few years and has managed to rise to fame over the past year, as its value has continued to grow on various trading markets. This further prompted the world’s governments to start making statements regarding Bitcoin.

While some accepted the virtual currency, many have banned companies from accepting Bitcoins as payment and citizens from owning any, mainly because Bitcoin is a decentralized currency, one that no government has control over.

While it’s true that Bitcoin was introduced as open source software by Satoshi Nakamoto, the developer’s identity was never revealed and he (or them) has never stepped forward, choosing to let the currency roam free online.

This means that Satoshi Nakamoto is most likely a simple nickname used by the developer and not the real name of the individual who built Bitcoin.

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