Doppelganger Marries Tree in Johnny Depp Outfit Because Why Not

Peruvian actor Richard Torres promotes his environmental cause

A South American actor and Johnny Depp impersonator got married to a tree in a public ceremony this weekend.

When you hear about a man marrying a tree, the first thing you wonder is how the marriage will be consummated.

Peruvian actor Richard Torres sheds light on that after revealing that his marriage is a means to raise awareness on environmental protection.

Torres is a dead ringer for actor Johnny Depp in his wedding video. The ceremony was, of course, officiated in a park and it was described as a "green wedding."

The setting was the Argentinian city of Buenos Aires. The environmentalist said "I do" in a white suit, complete with white hipster scarf.

He paired that with a light blue fedora and large, round Harry Potter glasses. The tree looked fine the way it was, but was still adorned with a tie.

Torres carried the bouquet in Sunday evening's unique ceremony, Unexplained Mysteries reported. He said his vows and laid ceremonial offerings at the tree base.

Argentinian artist José María Muscari officiated the ceremony and the tree was given the name Aliehuen Nehuen.

To answer the question about marriage consummation, he promised to love all trees and gave this one a kiss.

"We want to use this in our own way to send out a little message with this wedding so that we all become more conscious that our dear Mother Nature must be saved," he proclaims.

The 33-year-old showman is polygamous – he married another tree in June, in Peru. The stunt has gained him and his cause massive coverage in the press.

"My marriage will be eternal and I will make love with all the trees, hugging them I will feel their energy," he said at the time, as quoted by HuffPost.

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