Donkey Is a Beekeeper, Even Has a Suit to Prove It

Boneco might just be the world's only beekeeping donkey

It may very well be true that there are plenty of people out there who share a very strong bond with various animals, yet Manuel Juraci and Boneco, his donkey, are quite likely to stand out amongst all the rest.

This is because the two are presently working as a team to harvest honey and sell it in various parts of the Brazilian state of Ceará.

They even have matching outfits to prove that they share both the responsibilities, and the benefits.

Sources say that this team of beekeepers is by far one of the most successful in Brazil, and that more often than not they manage to collect and sell more honey than their competitors do.

As far as Manuel Juraci is concerned, Boneca is more than a business partner. The way he sees things, this donkey is by far one of the most faithful friends he has ever had.

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