Donald Trump’s “Major” Obama Announcement in Full – Video

Far from “changing the elections,” announcement becomes laughingstock on Twitter

A couple of days ago, real estate mogul and television personality Donald Trump, announced he would be making an announcement about President Barack Obama that would “change the elections.” Video of it is below, embedded at the end of this article.

While speculation had it yesterday that Trump had info either on Obama’s marriage or his alleged drug past, it turns out that his “announcement” was more of an offer than anything else.

“I have a deal for the President. If Barack Obama opens up and gives his college records and applications, and passport application and records, I will give to a charity of his choice, a check immediately for $5 million [€3.8 million],” The Donald said in a video released to the public via his Twitter.

He added that the generous donation, to whichever charity Obama chose, would be made within the hour after he went public with his records.

The reasoning behind the offer was that Obama was “the least transparent President in the history of this country,” Trump explained.

He also took credit for the release of Obama’s birth certificate – “or whatever it may be” – as a first step towards achieving said transparency, the one that the American citizens deserve and are entitled to.

“Frankly, it’s a check I very much want to write,” Trump also said, right before setting a deadline for the President to offer access to his documentation, for October 31.

As was to be expected, Trump’s not-so-little “stunt” has already gotten some mocking him for a media-hungry attention seeker.

On Twitter, at the very least, reactions to his “announcement” range from pure disbelief to outrage and, last but not least, unfeigned laughter.

Some even go as far as to say that, if this is a “check [he] very much want[s] to write,” he could have considered just donating the money right away without much fanfare and skipping this entire media charade that has no other purpose than to keep him (Trump) in the spotlight.

Of course, there are also those who defend him, saying he’s really looking for a change and, at the same time, willing to put his money where his mouth is for that to happen.

Check out the announcement and let us know which side you’re on.

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