Don’t Trust iOS 5.1 Jailbreak & Unlock Scams

Even when promoted by trusted sources like Yahoo! News

You’d think that a reputable news source such as Yahoo! will sift through the press releases to promote only valid stories, but no - the company’s News division is promoting a jailbreak & unlock service that has been deemed highly questionable on several occasions.

“New iOS 5.1 Jailbreak and Unlock iPhone 4S/4 and iPad Finaly Released Online”, reads the latest Yahoo! News headline that popped into our RSS feeds.

The high-profile news agency is reproducing a press release from the, a company whose offerings have been characterized on numerous occasions as highly questionable.

Apart from the fact that the entire press release sounds like it’s been written by a first-grader, it claims that “BestUnlockiPhone solution has produced an new jailbreak and/or unlock solution for iphone 4S/4 iOS 5. 1 and 5.0.1 untethered.”

Knowing that the most prominent hackers - MuscleNerd, Stefan Esser, Chpwn, Pod2g, Joshua Hill (p0sixninja) - are still trying to get their foot through the iOS 5.1 door, it is very unlikely that BestUnlockiPhone has a solution, let alone an untethered one.

Not to say there isn’t an offset chance they’ve kidnapped some hacking guru and they’re holding him in a bunker somewhere in the middle of the desert forcing him to jailbreak every new iOS release in exchange for bread and water. All we’re saying is that it seems very unlikely.

Plus, real jailbreak solutions don’t cost money. Our readers have confirmed on multiple occasions that services such as those advertised and sold by BestUnlockiPhone are scams. They generally repackage old versions of real jailbreak tools and sell them for $25 or more.

Our advice is to follow the aforementioned hackers on Twitter and their respective blogs for updates on their progress in jailbreaking iOS 5.1. When they release something, you can bet they won’t charge you a dime for the download.

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