Don Johnson Gets $19 Million (€14.1 Million) Payout from “Nash Bridges” Producers

Actor is awarded damages in lawsuit, dispute is officially settled

It’s been a while since Don Johnson took the producers of the CBS hit show “Nash Bridges” to court over loss of profit, but he’s finally gotten to see payday. He’s just been awarded $19 million (€14.1 million) in the lawsuit, which is now officially over.

Initially, Johnson was supposed to receive almost triple that amount, but producers appealed, claiming the jurors had estimated the lost revenue inappropriately, The Wrap reports.

At the end of the day, though, what he got still amounts to a pretty penny.

The dispute is now over – and has been since January, when producers paid the actor. The documents confirming it have just been uncovered now.

Between 1996 and 2001, Johnson was the star of “Nash Bridges,” which aired on CBS. In his initial claim, the actor said that he was owed more than $30 million (€22.3 million) in back revenue plus interest for the cop series.

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