Dolphin from Sea World Australia Gets MRI Scan

Tyson has trouble obeying commands, shows symptoms similar to a stroke

A dolphin looked after by the staff at the Sea World Marine Park in Australia recently had to undergo an MRI scan, seeing how it had trouble obeying its trainers' commands.

The staff at Sea World argued that the dolphin behaved as if it had suffered a stroke, and others claimed that the marine mammal somehow injured itself while performing some of its tricks.

As well as this, it is possible Tyson got into a fight with the other dolphins it shares its tank with, sources say.

The worst case scenario is that Tyson, as this dolphin is called, has developed either a brain or a spinal tumor. Hopefully, more information will be made available to the general public once the MRI scan results are in.

Tyson was born and raised in captivity, and is now 16 years old.

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