Dolphin Calves Are Rescued from Canal in Eastern Pakistan

They needed help getting out of the canal, finding their families

Irrigation canals threaten the long-term survival of Indus River dolphins in Pakistan. The aquatic mammals often swim up and down these canals, and risk becoming stranded once the gates are closed and their access to the Indus River is blocked.

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) says that, a few days ago, a team of conservationists saved the life of two Indus River dolphin calves.

One of them was a male, and the other one was a female.

At the time when they were spotted by the conservationists who eventually rescued them, the two dolphins were stranded in an irrigation canal locally known as Dehar Wah.

“The stranded dolphins are carefully captured, placed on a stretcher, kept moist with water and wet towels, and transported in a sound-proof vehicle and released in the main stream of the Indus River,” the WWF explains.

Once released into the Indus River, the dolphin calves were quick to swim away from their rescuers.

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