Dolphin Browser 8.2.2 and Dolphin Engine (Beta) Now Available

Dolphin can deliver the fastest browsing on Android, its makers claim

The Dolphin Browser is one of the most popular browsers available for the Android platform today, and it is also said to be one of the fastest.

In fact, the team behind the application claims that it is the fastest HTML5 browser out there, and that it can easily leave the native Android browser behind.

At the moment, the app can be downloaded as version 8.2.2, with the latest update for it bringing to the mix a series of performance and stability improvements, as well as fixes for crashes caused by tab actions or gestures.

Those who already downloaded and used the application already know what it can offer, and they will be happy to know that things might have got even better than before.

The team of developers behind the app has just announced the availability of Dolphin Engine in a Beta flavor, to offer a better experience than before.

“Dolphin Engine (in Beta) is an improved webkit version with extensive canvas enhancement and behind-the-scenes technology that makes it the highest performing HTML5 browser available today,” the company announced in a blog post.

“Dolphin has placed particular attention to canvas element, 2D context and text rendering. In addition, Dolphin Engine made significant GPU technology improvements around GPU accelerated canvas rendering and optimized CPU / GPU parallel computing.”

Dolphin Engine’s HTML5 rendering is said to be five to ten times faster than that of the default Android browser, while being 100% faster than what Chrome has to offer on the platform. The company also notes that their Dolphin Engine scored 450 on

Dolphin provides users with full support for Web Worker, Web Socket and Web Audio, as well as with support of Camera real-time video display, Web Notification, Web GL, and Web application customization.

“No need to download an individual app to your Android phone, Dolphin Browser’s new Beta runs all web apps super-fast all within your browser,” the team notes.

Download Dolphin Browser for Android 8.2.2 / Dolphin Engine Beta

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