Dogs in Colorado Are Getting Stoned Ever More Often

Other American states are facing the same problem, veterinarians say

Nowadays, medical marijuana is very much legal in several American states, and Colorado is one of them.

It may be true that this plant can help those who are suffering from various health conditions, yet it now seems that unfortunate incidents of pets getting stoned are ever more frequent.

Sources explain that veterinarians in Colorado have witnessed an increase in the number of dogs that require medical attention after their coming in close contact with this herbal remedy.

Cases of “stoner dogs” were few and far in between in the past (i.e. a few times per year), yet now they occur as often as five times per week.

These dogs either end up eating the medical marijuana, or inhale it as second-hand smoke.

Unlike humans, dogs do not feel better after inhaling this particular type of smoke, and sometimes the negative impact on their overall wellbeing and health is considerable to say the least.

“I just want dogs, kids to be safe. It needs to be treated like any other drug. If you came home with a prescription of Vicodin from your doctor you wouldn’t just leave it sitting there,” explains one veterinarian.

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