Dogs in Danger! Save a Puppy's Life!

New website wants to save dogs' lives

Dogs In Danger is a nonprofit organization which recently created a website in order to allow the dog lovers to adopt an animal with ease and save their lives faster than before. The page comes with a handy search function that contains the dog's breed, the zip code of the cities as well as a search radius which allows you to find puppies in a matter of seconds. The interesting fact is that the main page of Dogs In Danger is also providing a 'Time is running out for...' section which shows you the dog that is going to die in the coming days. The website might really convince you to save a dog even if you visit it just to check it because it is full with pictures and messages which beg you to adopt the puppies.

" believes in the power of compassion, and that Americans would do more to help and adopt shelter dogs, if only they knew how many dogs shelters were forced to euthanize. We also believe that shelters don't really want to euthanize dogs, if they had any other option," the owners of the website describe the recently released website. "As a nonprofit organization, we seek no other gain except for the happiness we see in the face of a dog as he faithfully walks out through the shelter doors, in perfect step with his loving new family."

This is only a beginning of an appreciable initiative and I guess this is really 'the last chance to save a life and gain a buddy.' However, keep in mind that you might feel a little bit uncomfortable seeing dogs that are about to be killed as well as several photos but you should really visit the page and who knows, maybe you're convinced to adopt a dog.

"It may be uncomfortable for some to see lists of names and photos of dogs scheduled to be euthanized, but, the truth is uncomfortable. By making it personal, we believe more people will be compelled to help these dogs," the website creators said.

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