Dog That Lost Snout Is Doing Great Despite Cancer Diagnosis

Doctors say chemotherapy will deal with the tumor, heartworms will also be taken care of

It was only a couple of days ago when we first talked about Kabang, the hero dog who lost half her face while saving two girls from a motorcycle which was about to hit them.

Apparently, this snoutless dog is doing great, in spite of having been diagnosed with cancer and heartworms.

Doctors are quite optimistic, and hope that chemotherapy and proper treatment will help her get over these two issues.

Once the cancer and the heartworms become a thing of the past, the dog will undergo facial reconstruction surgery.

“We think she has a good prognosis. She is doing great. You wouldn’t know that she had these problems based on her behavior,” Dr. Jane Sykes told members of the press.

“She’s a really wonderful dog. It’s so nice for me to see how a little dog like this can touch so many hearts,” she added.

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