Dog Wrestles Bears, Moves On to Catching Criminals Hours Later

This police dog is nothing if not committed to its job

This past Wednesday, a police dog from Vancouver Island proved that one didn’t necessarily have to start their day with an impressive cup of coffee to go into overdrive and tackle major issues without ever showing any signs of fatigue.

Rook's handler, Jarrod Trickett, explains that, while getting out of the house early in the morning, he and his dog came face to face with a mother bear and her two cubs. At that moment, Rook decided that it was up to it to make sure nothing bad happened to Jarrod, and charged the three bears.

One of the cubs went up a telephone pole, but the mother and the other cub saw fit to fight back.

Rook spent some time “dueling” them, yet gave up the fight when its handler told it to get in the truck.

After being cleared by a local veterinarian, Rook went to work as usually, and only a few hours later found itself chasing a criminal suspect and catching him, sources report.

I know not what this dog eats and/or drinks on a regular basis, but I want whatever he's having.

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