"Gay" Dog Sentenced to Death by His Cruel Owner

The dog's owner says he no longer wants anything to do with him

The dog in this picture now finds himself at a euthanasia animal shelter in Jackson, and will die in a matter of hours unless somebody decides to offer it a new home.

Sources say that the dog's previous owner has recently decided that he no longer wants to have anything to do with this pooch, and that from his standpoint, the dog might as well be killed by the shelter's employees.

In case anyone was wondering, it looks like the dog's owner reached this shocking conclusion after watching his pet mount another male dog.

Despite the fact that animal experts say that this behavior was meant as nothing more and nothing less than a sign of dominance, the dog's former owner is convinced that the pooch simply likes his male friends a tad too much and that this is reason enough to wish him dead.

Hopefully, the dog will soon get a new master and escape being put to sleep.

Those wishing to help rescue it can do so by visiting this Facebook page here.

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