Dog Saves 3-Year-Old Girl Who Disappeared in Poland

The girl spent an entire night in freezing temperatures, the dog kept her warm

A three-year-old girl who went missing from her home in the village of Pierzwin, in Poland's Lubusz province, is now believed to have been saved by her pet dog.

Apparently, Julia went missing on Friday, and the firefighters who set out to look for her only managed to find her a day later, on Saturday.

This basically means that the girl spent the night in some marshes located fairly close to her village, and that she was exposed to subfreezing temperatures.

Sources report that, according to the rescuers who eventually brought Julia home to her parents, the three-year-old only managed to survive thanks to her pet dog, which remained by her side throughout the entire night and kept her warm.

Despite her suffering some frostbites, the doctors in charge of treating the girl say that she will make a full recovery.

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