Dog Saves 3-Month-Old Baby from Kidnapping

The pit bull tackled armed robbers, is now considered a hero

Only yesterday, two armed invaders decided to break into a house in Indianapolis. The two perpetrators (a man and a woman) asked Nayeli Garzon-Jimenez to give them money, otherwise they would take her baby and leave with it.

Moreover, the male perpetrator hit her with a gun.

Since Nayeli had no money to give, the woman who broke into her house grabbed hold of her baby and tried to make a getaway through the back door.

Unfortunately for her, the family's pit bull was there waiting for her, and tackled her.

The woman got terribly scared and ran towards the front door. While doing so, she tossed the baby back at Nayeli. The man who was with her also decided to run away.

Sources say that both Nayeli and the 3-month-old kid were taken to the hospital, where doctors were able to treat the injuries Nayeli got when she was hit by the male intruder.

“Thank god everything's okay, my baby and my wife,” husband Adolfo Angeles-Morales says.

The intruders were an approximately 35-year-old black man and a black woman in her mid-20s.

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