Dog Paints to Raise Funds for Domestic Violence Victims

Arbor managed to raise $200 for local shelters in Las Vegas, Nevada

A dog named Arbor recently managed to raise as much as $200 (€153.42) in support for the domestic violence victims looked after at local shelters in Las Vegas, Nevada.

What is interesting is that, contrary to what some might assume, Arbor managed to get his paws on said sum of money not by performing any of the usual tricks dogs typically resort to in order to entertain their masters, but by painting.

The money will be used to help not just abused women and children, but also abused pets.

As Global Animal explains, it often happens that those who are aggressive towards their spouses and their children are also aggressive towards their pets, which also need to be rescued.

The money was given to Noah’s Animal House and The Shade Tree Shelter.

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