Dog-Hater “Serves” Nails-Spiked Sausages

Police officers in Abergavenny, South Wales are out looking for this animal-hater

Dog owners in Abergavenny, South Wales, were taken aback by the news that an animal-hater who most likely lived in that town was distributing cocktail sausages spiked with nails in areas where people typically walked their dogs.

Information made available to the public thus far says that a whopping total of 40 such nails-spiked sausages were found in a popular dog-walking spot by people who were enjoying a quiet day with their pets. Furthermore, each of these sausages contained up to 10 metal nails.

“My dog, which was on a lead, started to sniff at a sausage on the ground, but I immediately pulled him back when I saw something shining back at me,” one dog walker supposedly stated.

“On closer inspection I realized that it had about nine or ten nails in it and thought that this was no coincidence as I was aware of a similar incident in the past involving shards of glass,” he went on to add.

One can only assume that the man/woman who distributed these “treats” hoped that the dogs would simply gulp them down without realizing what was in them and die shortly after as a result of the nails wreaking havoc inside their bodies.

Local police officers are now doing their best in trying to find this dog-hater and odds are that, once they manage to identify him/her, this person will be made to pay for his/her actions.

As well as this, a warning was issued, and pet owners were asked to be cautious when taking their dogs out for a walk, Daily Mail reports.

“Had it not been for these extremely observant people out walking their own dogs, we could have easily seen a spate of dogs facing a slow, but certain death.”

“Luckily we haven't had any emergencies but if we had, the animals would have been suffering from vomiting, bleeding and I have no doubt the result would have been fatal,” local veterinarian Ben Hynes explained.

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