Dog Gulps Down 109 Stones, Lives to Bark the Story

Barney ate the rocks while going for a walk on the beach with his owners

One very lucky dog can now brag about the fact that his stomach must truly be made of steel. Otherwise, one can hardly explain how he managed to gulp down a whopping 109 stones and still live to enjoy many other (hopefully more healthy) meals.

Sources report that Barney ate these stones while going for a walk with his owners on a beach in Kent.

Upon their returning home, the Labrador started acting a tad sluggish, and the Woollards decided that taking him to see a vet might not be such a bad idea.

The doctor X-rayed the dog's stomach, and showed his owners what the problem was: 79 pebbles were getting nice and comfy inside his digestive tract.

Needless to say, Barney had to undergo an emergency surgery, and the stones were successfully removed.

An additional 30 pebbles were later found by the dog's owners inside his basket. Apparently, his body managed to deal with these on its own, meaning that the dog got rid of them the natural way.

“Andrew and I were chatting and watching Barney, but we didn’t see him do anything out of the ordinary. He was racing along enjoying himself,” Mrs. Woollard later told members of the press.

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