Dog Gets Its Family Back Just Hours Before Being Put to Sleep

Buster is one lucky pooch, its rescuers and owners agree

In the aftermath of hurricane Sandy, numerous people got separated from their pets, and some are still looking for them in various animal shelters.

Funny enough, a Rhodesian Ridgeback-Shepherd mix named Buster managed to stick with its family when the storm hit, yet somehow decided to run away from home a few weeks after hurricane Sandy had struck the US.

Unfortunately, Buster was found and caught by officers working for the country's animal control department, who made plans to humanely put it to sleep if its owners failed to claim it back within the established time frame.

After the dog's picture was posted online by a non-profit organization whose members wished to save such “death row dogs,” Buster was spotted by one of his owner's friends, Kim Fraser, who did not delay in informing its owner, Christine O'Donovan.

“I knew it was him immediately. I broke down into tears because I didn't know what to do at that point,” Christine told members of the press.

Christine managed to save the pooch from being euthanized, and soon enough Buster was reunited with the rest of the family.

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