Dog “Driving” a Car Runs Over Owner

The Boxer Bulldog jumped into the car, pushed the accelerator and killed its owner

A couple of days ago, a man from Florida died after being run over by his pet dog, a Boxer-Bulldog mix.

Apparently, James Campbell and his wife, Iris Fortner, were returning home after having run some errands. As the woman, who was driving the car, was trying to back the vehicle into the driveway, James stepped out to open a gate.

Following Iris' opening the car's door to see where her husband was standing, the dog jumped inside the vehicle and accidentally pushed the accelerator.

Before the woman managed to do anything about it, the vehicle had already run over her husband.

Sources report that James Campbell died almost instantaneously, and that the doctors who arrived at the scene had no choice except pronounce him dead.

His wife also suffered several minor injuries.

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