Dog Digs Out World War Two Grenade

The grenade still had its pin in it, Bibi's owner explains

Dogs wanting to play fetch are simply adorable, and few can say no to them when they pick something up and then come begging for you to throw that darn thing so that they may go chasing after it.

Still, dog owner Jason Edwards recently had the rather unpleasant experience of coming to realize that the object his six-month-old Pomeranian decided to inspect while walking on a beach at Canford Cliffs in Poole, Dorset, was a grenade.

Sources say that the grenade Bibi and his owner stumbled upon while enjoying a quiet day at the beach was roughly 70 years old, and that it most likely got lost at some point during World War Two.

Seeing how the grenade still had its pin in it, Jason Edwards decided to call in both police officers and bomb disposal teams.

The latter were the ones who took care of destroying it in a controlled explosion.

A picture of this grenade is made available to you below.


Pomeranian finds grenade dating back to WWII (2 Images)

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Gallery Image

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