Does Nintendo Wii Backup Disc Really Exist?

Rumor and fake or just something Nintendo is hiding?

There have been rumors about a disc somebody found in his Nintendo Wii console when it was returned after being repaired. The person who found the disc is claiming that it is used to back up data from the Wii and, even more, to access the console's BIOS. The picture of the disc, as well as some supposed footage of it working, are available for you to see if you click on the thumbnail to the left.

The thing is that such a disc might exist - and judging from the version string (1.31), it would seem that these discs exist since forever. So it's really hard to believe that such a huge secret has been kept hidden until now. Oh, well... anything is possible, in the end. But I am still not sure if I should believe this one or not.

First of all, because the disc is way too pink to be serious. Also, that pink cover seems like it's been glued to the CD, honestly. And the two kissing fish... come on, let's get serious! First of all, they look totally strange on that disc and, second, they seem to be hand drawn. I doubt that any repair man would start painting such an exclusive disc with such tasteless things.

Then, there would be the screenshot. First, there's one thing that doesn't match: the title. It says "Repair Disc 1.3", while the pink version says that we're talking about the 1.31 version. Second, let's be honest: it's so easy nowadays to fake a screenshot that you should start thinking that not believing your eyes might not be such a bad idea.

Probably Nintendo will soon make an official declaration regarding this issue soon. Or some more details will be made available by the unknown owner of the wonder disc. So, for now, it's still just a rumor.

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