Doctors Pluck Feather from Baby’s Neck, No One Knows How It Got There

7-month-old baby puzzles doctors in Kansas after feather comes out of her neck

One 7-month-old baby girl named Mya Whittington is puzzling doctors in Kansas (but not only) after her pediatrician and parents plucked a feather from the side of her neck. Check out the video above to hear her parents explain it.

At first, they noticed a swelling on Mya’s neck, so they thought she’d been bitten by a spider or had some kind of infection that could be drained out.

However, when the pediatrician tried to drain the puss out of the area, she plucked a considerably sized feather.

The parents believe that Mya either swallowed it or inhaled it.

“The body, being crazy as it is, it just rejected it and started forcing it out,” they say.

They also stress that Mya did not cry too much, so she was probably not in much pain. She did cry though whenever she saw a nurse because she knew she’d be poked.

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