Do You Know Which Linux Distribution Suites You Best?

Fill in the form and you'll find out in a few minutes!

Many of those who decide to migrate from Windows to Linux and haven't really figured out the whole new OS concept face the situation in which they have to chose from various distributions of Linux the most appropriate for what they had in mind.

The answer to this problem usually comes after long hours of studying paper works or huge amount of documentation on the Internet, forums or Linux sites.

And most of the time there's no way you can escape this initiating path toward finding the Linux distro which suits best your user type.

We have some good news: there is an easier way to it!

Take this address and look for the 11 questions form, each one with two possible answers. Fill it in, it takes less than 3 minutes! After the 3 minutes, you'll be amazed to find the Linux distro you were looking for.

The compatibility is displayed in percents and you'd better chose the ones who have registered more than 50%. Once you've done that, you only have to click the name of the distribution, which leads you to, a page that explains all there is to know about your choice.

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