DmC Devil May Cry Pre-Order Bonuses Revealed

Get special weapons, items, and abilities by pre-purchasing the game

Capcom has revealed the array of pre-order bonuses that are now available for its upcoming DmC Devil May Cry action game, with special items being sold by various retailers in North America.

DmC Devil May Cry is out at the beginning of 2013 and Capcom has kept on releasing new videos and screenshots with the hack and slash experience for quite some time.

Now, since the game has a concrete release date on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 platforms, the Japanese company has started accepting pre-orders and has just revealed the different bonuses that it’s offering through various North American retailers.

First up is the Samurai Pack, which is offered by GameStop in the U.S. and EB Games in Canada, which allows Dante to augment his weapons and attacks through the use of bonus upgrade points.

Gamestop - Samurai Pack

Transform Dante's Shotgun, Scythe and Axe into solid Samurai devastation! You'll also start out with free upgrade points to instantly upgrade weapons and combos or purchase items from the beginning of the game.

Best Buy, on the other hand, offers the Golden Pack, which transforms Dante’s weapons into golden ones and offers a brand new device, in the form of the Item Finder.

Best Buy - Golden Pack

Transform Dante's Shotgun, Scythe and Axe into glistening gold instruments of death! Plus access to the Item Finder, helping you hunt down hidden items.

Last but not least, Amazon is offering a special Bone Pack that turns Dante’s weapons into bone ones, while allowing him access to a special upgrade called the Orb Harvester.

Amazon - Bone Pack

Transform Dante's Shotgun, Scythe and Axe into precision crafted Bone weapons. Plus access to the Orb Harvester - Upgrade and enhance Dante's weapons and combo perks faster.

DmC Devil May Cry is out on January 15, 2013, worldwide. Until then, you can check out each of these pre-order bonuses in action in the videos below.

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