DmC Devil May Cry PC Patch Now Available for Download

The new update has already gone live on the PC platform and brings plenty of changes

Dmc Devil May Cry has just received a small patch on the PC that should fix a few balancing issues, as well as problems with different missions, controls, and the user interface.

DmC Devil May Cry came out on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 consoles at the beginning of last month, and after just 10 days, it reached the PC platform, on which we already reviewed it.

Now, Capcom has confirmed that a new update for the PC version was rolled out earlier over the weekend, which should fix quite a few issues and bugs that were reported by players.

From different balancing issues, like evades not giving players the necessary invulnerability time, or weak enemies not doing enough damage, to various gameplay problems, like those affecting Secret missions, plenty of bugs have just been solved by the update.

Check out all the changes from the new patch below, via Capcom's community website.

Game Balance

-Demon evade provides less of a damage and style boost.

-Evades have a shorter invulnerability window.

-Green orbs no longer spawn procedurally when Dante's health is already high. He must now have less than 1/2 his HP for them to spawn.

-SSS and SS ranks will now decay back down to S rank with inactivity.

-Weakest enemies now do more damage.

-You can no longer climb infinitely using Fireworks.


-Mission 20: Vergil health reset bug fixed.

-Secret Missions: Quitting Secret Missions in the middle of a falling attack no longer impairs camera movement.


-Entering Angel or Demon mode in the same frame as pressing an attack button will now apply that mode to the attack.


-Refresh rate now correctly displays current value.


-Sound bug during Kicker move when game is running at 75+ FPS has been addressed.

The new patch is already live on the PC platform and can be downloaded via Steam.

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