DmC: Devil May Cry Gets Four New Difficulty Modes

Gamers can enjoy remixes that make it harder to complete the game

The development team at Ninja Theory and publisher Capcom reveal that they are introducing four new difficulty modes for the upcoming DmC: Devil May Cry, which are designed to test even the toughest players and encourage them to replay the game.

The core difficulty modes for the new title in the long running series include: Human, Devil Hunter and Nephilim.

The four additional game modes are:

Son of Sparda – the layout of the enemy forces are now changed, enemies are tougher in fights and they tend to vary their behavior through the game;

Dante Must Die – the same as the previous level but the game now uses insane attack waves made up of the strongest enemies;

Heaven or Hell – the changes in location and difficulty still apply but everyone in the game, including main character Dante, will be killed after just one hit;

Hell and Hell – the same elements as the above mode but Dante is the only character which dies after just one hit, making it close to impossible to get through the game.

They will only be unlocked after the player gets through DmC: Devil May Cry multiple times.

Remix modes were one of the highlights of the previous titles in the franchise and their addition will do much to bring the player base closer to the fan base.

When Capcom announced that Ninja Theory was taking over the Devil May Cry universe, many were disappointed, a sentiment which was only enhanced after the first images of main character Dante were made available.

Since then, Ninja Theory worked hard to make the game more appealing to hardcore fans and has promised that the experience will blend classic and modern mechanics.

DmC: Devil May Cry will be launched on the PlayStation 3 from Sony and the Xbox 360 from Microsoft at some point during January 2013.

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