DmC Devil May Cry Gets Bloody Palace DLC Mode and New Patch Next Week

The add-on and update will go live for the PS3 and Xbox 360

DmC Devil May Cry will finally receive its long-awaited Bloody Palace mode next week, alongside a special patch that should eliminate a variety of issues from the hack and slash game.

DmC Devil May Cry appeared last month and delivered a great experience on the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 platforms.

The hack and slash game, while rebooting the long-running franchise with an overhauled version of protagonist Dante, was a hit with fans and publisher Capcom confirmed that the famous Bloody Palace mode would make a comeback as free DLC.

Now, the company has revealed via its Community website that Bloody Palace will be out next week, on February 19 for the PlayStation 3 in North America, and on February 20 for the PS3 in Europe and the Xbox 360 worldwide.

What's more, the release of the DLC will be accompanied by the launch of special update for the game across its three platforms, as developer Ninja Theory wants to fix a variety of issues that have plagued the hack and slash title.

From glitches with the Demon Evade to ones affecting the Arbiter's Drop attack, many things will be fixed while the damage inflicted by enemies on tougher difficulties, like Nephilim or Son of Sparda, will be increased.

Check out some of the most important things solved by the upcoming patch below.

"-Poison AI issue addressed (she no longer enters non-interactive state)

-Lessened damage and style boost from Demon Evade

-Arbiter "Drop" now causes damage and style gain even if jump-canceled

-Non-damaging moves no longer provide style points

-Damage done by weakest enemies increased

-Damage done by all enemies increased on Nephilim and Son of Sparda modes

-Adjusted attack (parry) windows for Rage spin move.

-SS and SSS will now decay back down to S if you stop gaining style

-No more eternal angel glide (where Dante flies around)."

The new update will go live alongside the DLC next week for DmC Devil May Cry. As of yet, it's unclear when the mode gets released for the PC.

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